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Cadbury 100gm Caramilk
Cadbury 100gm Almond Bar
Cadbury 100gm Dairy Milk Bar
Toffifee 123gm
Lindor 156gm Milk Chocolate
M&M's 120gm Peanut
Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa 100gm
Coffee Crisp Minis 180gm
Kit Kat Minis 180gm
Mars Bites 109gm
Ferrero Rocher 200gm Chocolates
Ganong Delecto Assorted Milk Chocolates
Merci Milk Chocolate 100gm
Lindt Swiss Milk Chocolate 100gm
Merci Hazelnut Almond Chocolate 100gm
Lindt Almond Swiss Milk Chocolate 100gm
Lindt Swiss White Chocolate 100gm
Reese Minis 210gm
Cadbury Premium Dark Chocolate Bar 100gm
Lindt Excellence Sea Salt Dark 100gm
M&M'S Milk Chocolate 120gm
Big Turk 180gm Bites
Oh Henry 230gm
Aero White Chocolate Bar 40gm

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