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Delecto 230g Peanut Cluster
Cadbury 100gm Caramilk
Cadbury 100gm Almond Bar
Cadbury 100gm Dairy Milk Bar
Toffifee 123gm
Lindor 156gm Milk Chocolate
M&M's 120gm Peanut
Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa 100gm
Coffee Crisp Minis 180gm
Kit Kat Minis 180gm
Mars Bites 109gm
Cadbury Dairy Milk 100gm Fruit & Nut
Ferrero Rocher 200gm Chocolates
Ganong Delecto Assorted Milk Chocolates
Save $1
Merci Milk Chocolate 100gm
Save $2.50
Lindt Swiss Milk Chocolate 100gm
Save $1
Merci Hazelnut Almond Chocolate 100gm
Save $2.50
Lindt Almond Swiss Milk Chocolate 100gm
Save $2.50
Lindt Swiss White Chocolate 100gm
Reese Minis 210gm
Cadbury Premium Dark Chocolate Bar 100gm
Lindt Excellence Sea Salt Dark 100gm
M&M'S Milk Chocolate 120gm
Big Turk 180gm Bites

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