Stomach Remedies and Laxatives

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Alka Seltzer 325mg 24's
Eno Packet Regular 10's
Eno Powder 200gram
Atoma Castor Oil 100ml
Atoma Mineral Oil Heavy 250ml
Atoma Dairy Digest 80 Caplets
Beano Tabs 30's
Gas X Ultra Strength Caplets 27's
Atoma Antacid Liquid Fruit 600ml
Gaviscon Extra Strength Fruit Tabs 60's
Gaviscon Extra Strength Liquid Fruit 340ml
Gaviscon Liquid Fruit 340ml
Gaviscon Liquid Fruit 600ml
Gaviscon 600ml Icy Mint Flavour
Gaviscon 100Tablets Fruit Flavour
Gaviscon 50Tablets PM Peppermint
Ovol Drops 30ml
Imodium Quick Dissolve 20 tablets
Lactaid Extra Strength 80 Caplets
Save $1.50
Atoma Bismuth Regular Strength Liquid 230ml

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